Visual Art

Exhibitions Open: 5 & 6 Aug, 10am – 5pm | 7 – 31 Aug, 10am – 7pm | 1 Sept – 5 Oct, 11am – 6pm


The Allegories & Existence series explores the role of the artist as provocateur, challenging audiences’ perceptions through the toying with and uncovering of myths. Performative action is a key element, looking at artists’ ability to tell the untold and disrupt the status quo, prompting us to question what it means to be human.

Das Orgien Mysterien Theater

Hermann Nitsch

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- War Memorial Library

“i want to understand the concept of dionysian in a more up-to-date way, more scientifically, more psychologically. what is the dionysian phenomenon, this instinctual upsurge, this growing importance of intoxicating orgiastic sensual feelings, this onslaught of the unconscious…”

Tadeusz Kantor: Inbetween Structures

Curated by Dr. Marc Glöde

- 5 August - 4 September 2015
- Lower Church Galleries

On the occasion of acclaimed Polish theatre director Tadeusz Kantor’s 100th anniversary the Polish Cultural Institute in London and Polnisches Institut Berlin will bring a new perspective to Kantor’s complex oeuvre. The exhibition focuses on the early phase of Kantor’s career, highlighting …

After A.D

Derrick Guild

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- Laboratory Gallery

AFTER A.D. comprises of stills, props and music illustrating Derrick Guild’s fascination with and subsequent obscure discovery about Albrecht Durer’s iconic naturalistic Painting, ‘Young Hare’ (1502).

A Lady’s Not A Gent’s

Curated by Julian Spalding and Glyn Thompson

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- Library Gallery

Discover the ‘urmutter’ of modernism, a great neglected feminist artist and watch all the myths about modern art evaporate before your eyes.

One Million Years Of Laughter

David Sherry

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- Corner Gallery

One Million Years of Laughter is a new series of performances and paintings finding humour in the contradictions that exist within commonplace actions and experiences. Using what is known about the early ‘Homo’ as the basis for this body of …

Three Go Adventuring Again


- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- Machine Shop

Social cohesion, togetherness, individuality and trying to make work together without falling-out is the three sister collaboration Ortonandon. With the figure as a central motif, they consider body-form in relation to social politics and how identity can be represented through …


Katherine Araniello, Richard Butchins, Nicola Canavan, Jez Colborne, Lea Cummings, Claire Cunningham, Tony Heaton, Sheila Hill, Simon Mckeown, Aidan Moesby and Pum Dunbar, Bekki Perriman, Craig Simpson

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- Meadows Galleries

Unlimited’s first exhibition at Summerhall is a series of ambitious mixed media installations by the UK’s leading disabled artists. The exhibition embeds the artists’ work within contemporary art practice, bringing disabled people and artists within society to the fore and, in turn, reaching new audiences and shifting perceptions.

Demarco European Art Foundation

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- The Demarco Wing

This year the Foundation presents an overview of Richard Demarco’s archive, focusing on his work with artists, theatre makers and the cultural dialogues he initiated. Exhibitions include: Paul Neagu and Friends Artists include: Paul Neagu,Joseph Beuys, Fred Stiven, Ainslie Yule,Sorin …

The Thermos Museum

- 5th August - 31 August 2015
- The Courtyard

The Thermos Museum is a comedic but also edifying experience. 12 suitcases unfold to reveal numerous astonishing displays.
“A superb piece of artistic geekiness” the List

Little Apocrypha

Al White, Jamie Johnson and Lindsay Todd

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- Church Basement

A multi-disciplinary exhibition staged across The Living Mountain record store and neighbouring unique space exploring the mysterious fictional ocean from Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris.