After A.D

Derrick Guild

- 5th August – 5th October 2015
- Laboratory Gallery

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Long fascinated by Albrecht Durer’s ‘Young Hare’ (1502), a painting unquestionably viewed as an icon of naturalistic painting, Derrick Guild decided to make a series of paintings in the same composition but observed from different angles. He required a subject, and commissioned a taxidermist to pose a hare based on Durer’s. Guild was informed that achieving the position of Durer’s hare was anatomically impossible.

Guild has directed, within Summerhall, scenes from a fictitious film featuring Ewen Bremner; shot by photographer Phoebe Grigor whilst composer Marty Hailey has recorded and will perform a piece of music, contemporary of Durer’s and of our time.

Paintings, stills, props and music ruminate upon Guild’s discovery, furthering the fiction of Durers’ Hare. The related works playfully expanding on ideas of fecundity, Trompe l’oile and the imaginative power of nature.