Quiet Violence by Sophie Rose

Sophie Rose

- Venue: Roundabout
- Age Suitability: null
- Times: 22.30 (55 mins)

A show about blue plastic bags and wearing shoes that don’t fit. Squeezed between tight jeans, jenga block flats and clip-on earrings, a young woman is making bad decisions and an old man is eating too much cheese. They’re sharing biscuits on an inflatable sofa; something has to pop. Fast, physical and full of anarchic poetry, shards of life collide in this powerful story of punishment and rescue. Free hobnobs. An exciting new voice in spoken word theatre, co-produced by Roundhouse.


‘Bold, brave and very special’ Polarbear, spoken word artist

‘Evocative, unflinching and very funny’ James Grieve, Paines Plough