Near Gone

Two Destination Language

- Venue: Old Lab
- Category:
- Age Suitability: 14+
- Times: 22.00 (60 mins)

BSL performance 27th August

Last year’s sell-out Total Theatre Award winner returns for just five performances.

Near Gone brings two performers, hundreds of fresh flowers and a gripping story to the stage. Playing with translation, the unknowable and the gulfs between us, the show boasts Bulgarian, English, gypsy-inspired music and terrific dance to create a storm of emotion. This is a performance piece that packs a punch – transforming your very sense of what it is to be a mother, a father, a child. And you’ll leave more fully alive than ever.

“near perfect” Total Theatre Magazine

“truly affecting, memorable and life-affirming” ★★★★★ BroadwayBaby