Martha Gellhorn

Jack Klaff

- Venue: Red Lecture Theatre
- Age Suitability: PG
- Times: 16.30 (60 mins)

The work and life of Martha Gellhorn, the great war correspondent who covered practically every trouble-spot on earth for six decades, including the Spanish Civil War, D-Day, Dachau, Viet Nam, Greenham, El Salvador and Mandela’s inauguration. Gellhorn’s main message was, ‘War 
happens to PEOPLE.’

She married Hemingway, learned from him and then, journalistically, outstripped him. Presidents, geniuses and generals sought her friendship, but she never lost the common touch. Scores of today’s foremost  journalists were cheered on, championed and
 inspired by her.  Jack Klaff recalls his own encounters with Gellhorn in a piece interweaving her wildest and wittiest stories with her unmatchable war reports.